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Illusionist David Garrity

by Bruce Kalver, PNP

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One of the busiest New England area magicians is someone you’ve never heard of. On the road, traveling from one gig to another, he is hard to pin down. Whether he is working all summer as the house illusionist at Six Flags New England, or jetting down to Mexico to do a residency there during the cold months of winter (smart man), David Garrity has logged a lot of stage time.

David performs everything from close-up magic to large scale illusions, Because of his versatility, he works theaters, arenas, colleges, casinos, and resorts, and he has a long list of corporate clients. His infectious smile, radio voice, and easy-going manner on stage delights and pleases every audience.

The son of a firefighter and a housewife with part-time jobs, David Garrity started, as most of us did, with humble beginnings. To interview David, I emailed him questions. Then I was able to catch him for an hour via Skype while he was doing a seven-week stint in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for a series of resorts. By the way, in Mexico, he shared an apartment with Bob Sheets and Todd Charles – a veritable mini magic convention of comedy, close-up, and illusions!

Here’s what David had to say.

Bruce: How did you get interested in magic?
David: The first time that magic really had an impact on me, the moment I wanted to begin learning was in 1984; I was ten. We went on a family trip to Florida and I saw two magicians. One was in a dinner show called Mardi Gras in the Mercado Plaza. It was a variety show with singers, dancers, a juggler, and magician who performed a dove act. The second magician I saw was dressed as Merlin and performed magic after the Medieval Times show. Both of those performers really made an impression on me. I still don’t know who they were, but I’d love to find out.
 When I got home, I headed to the library to check out magic books. However, I was also fortunate to find there were two magic shops nearby: The Studio of Magic in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, and Bryan Flint’s Magic & Fun Shop in Vernon, Connecticut.
 I used to spend days at Bryan’s shop. Eventually, I was there so often that he put me to work demonstrating and selling magic. I was too young to be “officially” employed there, so he paid me in props! That’s how I built my first birthday party show. Bryan Flint and Steve Knibloe, who ran the shop with him, were my first real mentors in magic.


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