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Meeting of Magical Kinds

By Bruce Kalver, PNP

Jun17 coverCan you imagine the NBC network and FOX hosting an event together? How about Microsoft and Apple? McDonald’s and Burger King? These pairs of companies offer similar products, but they market their brands in different ways. It would take some real magic to put these combinations together.

In the past nine years, two magic organizations have attempted to combine their talents and put on a mega convention, first in 2008 and then again by 2014. This year they will finish the trilogy with the 2017 I.B.M./S.A.M. combined convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is no easy task to blend two different styles of conventions together. Much like a parent who has set ways of doing things and are resistant to change, a balance must be made. It is understood that certain protocols must be met (as addressed in their respective constitutions and bylaws), but ultimately the gathering should focus on the celebration of an appreciation and love of the art of magic.

To protect both organizations, an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is formed; this LLC will run the event, ultimately making all the decisions, keeping both organizations protected and happy. Three members of the LLC are appointed from the S.A.M.: Bruce Kalver, Andy Dallas, and Steven Spence. Three are appointed from the I.B.M.: Bill Wells, Mike Stratman, and Bill Evans. Bruce Kalver (S.A.M.) and Bill Wells (I.B.M.) are the co-chairmen and head up the LLC.

With a fantastic gathering of committees comprised of selected experts from both organizations, it has been a whirlwind year of planning, booking, and negotiating. We are ready to give you a historic convention that you will be talking about for many years. Here is a rundown of some of the highlights we have in store for the attendees.

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