Christopher Carter - Messes With Your Mind

apr14 coverA few years back, my wife and I were sitting in a hip, stylish theater in Chicago, waiting for the show to begin. The show was produced by and starred Chicago mentalist Christopher Carter. The stage was filled with a sprinkling of interesting props; posters of various mentalists through the ages were hung behind, like a backdrop to the show. Christopher entered the  performing area and orchestrated a fast-paced, multi-phased mind reading revelation that used various people from the audience. At its conclusion, he held the audience in the palm of his hand.


The show was a whirlwind of impressive feats. Throughout the show he used the posters as a road map as he explained the history of mentalism. His command of the stage and his well placed humorous quips endeared him to the audience. As the show progressed, something went awry. A spectator, an elderly man, seemed unsure of the card he selected. Christopher tried to salvage the man’s memory, but to no avail. Would this piece end in failure?

Christopher smiled and reached inside his jacket and pulled out a stack of envelopes. Assuring the man and the audience that reading minds is not an exact science, he continued to work with the befuddled gentleman. Christopher kept the moment light; if he was feeling any pressure it never showed on his face. He joked with the man; unexpectedly, what looked like failure ended with booming applause – a demonstration of a professional at work.

The show concluded with a skillful blindfold act. Christopher stood in the middle of the stage; a strong beam of light from above encircled his body. He eyes had been covered with silver dollars, tape, and a blindfold. His fingers crunched up paper and his mind probed the thoughts of the audience. My wife and I could hear the audible gasps from the people around us as he revealed their hidden secrets. At the show we attended the audience gave him a standing ovation. But that was not the end.

Afterwards, Christopher had a question-and-answer session with the audience. More than half of the crowd stayed for the intriguing after-show. Christopher explained to the audience that his interest in all things mind reading came from his youth and watching his uncle playing cards: “I would stay up late to watch my uncle play poker; to put it bluntly, he stunk! When he tried to bluff he would become extremely nervous and twist his wedding band. When I returned home, I described this to my mother. She, a therapist, explained that what I was seeing was ‘body language’ at work, and she gave me some books on the subject. Here was born my lifelong interest in psychology and human behavior, which later led to an interest in hypnosis, and eventually my interest in mentalism.”

People peppered Christopher with all kinds of questions and he expertly answered each one without committing to any false notions; yet, he kept alive the mystery of what he just accomplished. It was very enjoyable to watch. At the time, my wife and I did not know Christopher personally, so we simply left without talking with him. However, we fully enjoyed the show.

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