Neil Tobin’s Supernatural Beginning and End

Supernatural Chicago is a live theater show starring Neil Tobin as your Necromancer. With a dark smile and a pleasant voice, he is your expertly dressed facilitator into the chilling, spirit-filled realms of haunted Chicago. Tobin and Supernatural Chicago have received wildly favorable notices over the past decade from such respected sources as the Chicago Tribune, which marveled, “Is it real? Or isn’t it?” RedEye Chicago teased, “He’ll teach you about Chicago’s paranormal history and get you involved in psychic experiments that put Jedi mind tricks to shame.” Time Out Chicago splashed his full-color photo across page four. Newscasters from WGN Morning News exclaimed, “You’re the devil!” Visitors from around the world contributed over a hundred positive reviews to the travel community at, which listed the show among the top ten things to do in Chicago. Neil has also been invited to appear in character on broadcasts by Chicago NPR station WBEZ, Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, Dead Famous on A&E, and on the DVD for the Michael Keaton feature film White Noise.


My wife and I saw this theatrical production about four years ago. I wrote about our experiences in my May 2010 Mental Breakdown column. What we really enjoyed was that Neil had created an experience that had meaning. He’s an expert on the ghost stories of Chicago. In his show, he weaves these stories around magic and mentalism tricks that hammer home the tales of terror for the audience. After the show, various audience members engaged him in heartfelt discussion. My wife and I leaned in to listen to his after-show interaction. His character did not change. He was attentive, humble, and warm. He answered questions, listened to their personal stories of hauntings, and made each of them feel special.

I was delighted to hear that Neil was coming upon a very impressive milestone for Supernatural Chicago. On February 14, 2014, this show will have run for a record-breaking ten years – a remarkable feat for any show. I thought it might be interesting, entertaining, and informative to learn a little more about this passionate performer and his extraordinary accomplishment.

Read the interview in the February 2014 issue of M-U-M Magazine by Clicking HERE.