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Dennis Loomis | Well Prepared

By Michael Close

Dennis LoomisIn October of 2008, Lisa and I were busy brainstorming possible content for the January 2009 issue of M-U-M. I had a short list of magicians who I hoped would sign on as regular columnists, and Dennis Loomis was on that list. There were several reasons why I hoped that Dennis would write for the magazine: he was a full-time pro, and could thereby offer practical, real-world advice that had been gained through the performance of thousands of shows; he would focus on stand-up and stage magic, and there is a dearth of such information available; and he was a pal, and a reliable and easy guy to work with. I was delighted when Dennis agreed to sign on, and I was even more delighted when, in addition to his “A Magician Prepares” column, he offered to write up some of his reminiscences of Doug Henning, who had been his very close friend. (The Henning articles appeared as “The Skinny Kid with the Overbite,” the final installment of which is in this issue.)

Dennis has been an important part of the magazine during my time as editor, and I wanted to commemorate his contribution
by putting him on the cover. Although many of his columns contained personal anecdotes, I wanted to fill in a few of the
blanks and talk a bit more about his story. We chatted via Skype. —Michael Close

You can read the conversation in the January issue of MUM by Clicking HERE