Kenrick "ICE" McDonald:
Imagination – Compassion – Excellence

July14 coverSo you think you know ICE McDonald? Think again. Yes, he has been featured on a half-dozen covers and in dozens of articles in magic magazines, and has also starred on national and world television. ICE has received numerous awards and has performed in nearly a dozen countries. But there is much more to the man than his accomplishments in the field of magic.


ICE made his magical appearance on Wednesday morning July 6, 1960, at 1:46 a.m. His father was a Baptist preacher, and the family business was preaching and ministering. At the age of ten, ICE received his first magic kit from a second-hand store; it was missing several pieces. Young Kenrick had to use his creative skill to figure out the missing parts of the kit. We know ICE’s imagination was so wild that many times his parents found him on top of a thirty-foot tree in his backyard performing to an imaginary audience. ICE was reared in a strict Christian home, so activities such as singing, dancing, and other entertainment outside of church activities were not tolerated. ICE speaks of a time when his mother heard strange noises coming from his room. When she opened his bedroom door, she saw her youngest child performing for an imaginary audience, and then becoming the audience applauding for the performer! She would often just shake her head and continue with her housework.

It would seem that ICE had a good idea of what he wanted to be and where he wanted to go, but that would be an illusion. As ICE recalls, “I would love for people to think I had a firm direction
during my younger days, but I must be truthful. Prior to the tenth grade, I was the class nerd – a glasses-wearing, several-steps-behind- everybody-else nerd. Don’t get me wrong. I was talented, but the coolness didn’t come until my sophomore year of high school. How ironic that my stage name is ICE – the embodiment of cool. Due to the watchfulness of my parents, it took a long time for me to shake the nerd-iness. I couldn’t watch ‘worldly’ television programming. Even with the magic, in spite of the fact that my father bought my first magic kit, I had to be discreet when performing magic. There was a time when the church frowned on the practice of magic, and this is still the case in some churches today. “Being a born-again Christian, I face this issue even today. Before I became somewhat famous, I felt like the church’s unwanted stepchild. The church leaders wouldn’t allow me to perform when guests were present, but brought me in to entertain children during some family events.

The bishop at my current church made that a dim memory when he invited me to entertain 15,000 church members. My God-given talent had been fully recognized by my spiritual family. But, under this appearance of coolness, I am still the biggest nerd.”

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