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Pam Thompson – Exceptionally Fine Company

Mar13 cover

In the history of magic, there have been only a few two-person acts in which both partners were able to establish clearly defined characters during a twelve-minute act. Such is the case of Johnny and Pam Thompson, whose characters – the pompous and mostly oblivious magician (who for some reason performs exquisite magic) and his bored and slightly wacky assistant – have achieved iconic status. Johnny tends to

get most of the press in magic magazines, and rightly so; he is one of magic’s living treasures. But the success of Tomsoni & Co. is in no small part due to Pam’s genius, acting skills, and (as you’ll read in a moment) fearlessness on stage.

In addition to creating a great magic act, Johnny and Pam are two of the nicest people I have ever met. When we lived in Las Vegas, Lisa, Ava, and I spent many enjoyable evenings around their dinner table, chatting about magic, kvetching about life, the universe, and everything, and laughing until our sides hurt.Although other magazine articles on the Thompsons have included information on Pam, I thought it was time that she got the spotlight all to herself. She is smart, funny, articulate, and (as evidenced by the large bag containing two Chihuahuas that she carries everywhere) one of magic’s genuine characters. We spoke via Skype. – Michael Close


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