Autumn Morning Star: Native American Artistry

Autumn CoverHer name is Autumn Morning Star.

As Autumn’s beautiful name eloquently expresses, she is a Native American Indian. She is also an accomplished professional magician, award-winning illusionist, and cultural storyteller. There’s more. Much more. She is a native flautist, a traditional buckskin dancer, an award-winning stone sculptor, a regalia and beadwork designer, a published poet and short story writer, and an herbalist. And she can perform her show in any of five languages.

Her many interests and talents played an important role in her early development, and many continue to play an important role in her performances today. She embraces her heritage, respects her country, and loves her magic. Fortunately, her talents and contributions did not go unnoticed. Autumn is one of only fifty outstanding Native American Indians honored by the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of the American Indian for her outstanding cultural illusion show.


“The four things that I dearly love are my magic, my sculpture, my writing, and my music. I have tons of other interests besides those, but the best camera in the world won’t be able to take a good picture unless there’s focus. So I narrow my focus to these four fields.” The quiet community of Erie, Colorado (population: 18,505, minus two when Autumn and her husband are on the road performing), is situated just minutes north of Denver. As you exit I-25 to the west toward Erie you’ll see an inspiring view of the Front Range and the awesome and often snow-capped Rocky Mountains. It is here you’ll find Morning Star Studios, a well-used rehearsal space she calls her “cherished secret jewel.” This is where Autumn brings her magic to life.

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