David Bowers

july15 coverLife is truly a journey that is enriched by the people and experiences one encounters along the way. I have been blessed by the path God has chosen for my life. He has surrounded me with wonderful friends who have been there through the good times; more important, they have supported me through the challenging periods, making my life “A Magical Experience.”

My interest in magic began early in life while watching the TV show The Magic Land of Alakazam with Mark Wilson, Nani Darnell, and Bev Bergeron, also known as Rebo the Clown. I did not have the time to pursue the art until I was fifty years old. On my fiftieth birthday, my wife, Judy, surprised me with a “magic show” presented by Michael T. Myers as a gentle nudge to help me fulfill my dream of becoming a magician. (Did I mention that Judy also decorates cakes?) Michael T. mentored me over the next year until I was ready to perform. For the next several years I entertained part time until my retirement after thirty-nine years of employment with the Columbia Rubber Corporation in Beltsville, Maryland. At retirement I was able to officially call myself a full-time professional magician.

Performance styles in magic vary greatly. It is important for a beginning performer to explore the various styles and to determine which one best showcases his or her skill and personality. I consider myself a “family entertainer,” who performs for children of all ages, from preschool to nursing homes.

My first public performance as a magician was for a Boy Scout Troop. I felt very comfortable in this environment because I had been actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America for over twenty years. I originally became involved when my son’s Webalos Den was going to disband because they did not have a leader. Having grown up in scouting, I knew the importance of the scouting program in a boy’s life. This supposedly “short-term” commitment led to my long-term tenure in scouting. I served as scoutmaster of BSA Troop 242 in Charles Town, West Virginia, for fifteen years. I was appointed as Potomac District Round Table Commissioner for the next five years. In this position I held monthly meetings for scoutmasters to help them plan and implement programs for their troops. I served as advisor to the Shenshawpatoo Lodge of “The Order of the Arrow.” This society is for boys who exemplify high standards of leadership. It was my honor to be chosen as contingent leader for the Shenandoah Council Trip to Philmont Scout Ranch. This High Adventure Base located in the Sangre de Christro Mountains near Cimarron, New Mexico, offers the ultimate hiking experience for advanced scouts. Another memorable experience in scouting was serving as scoutmaster of our National Jamboree Troop at Fort AP Hill, Virginia.

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