The 100th President of the S.A.M.

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“Who is this Jeff Quinn? Why did he run for President of the S.A.M.? Does he have an alter ego named Sikora? Does he really have a skunk collection? What does he plan for the S.A.M.?” Magicians ask a lot of questions. Let’s start with the easy stuff: the name Jeff Quinn and the skunks.

Jeff Sikora, Jeff Quinn, and Skunks

Jeff’s illustrious career as an entertainer began in radio, long enough ago that the title “disc jockey” applied. The soft ending of “Jeff” and the soft beginning of “Sikora” blend together, making them difficult to understand. Jeff replaced his given last name with the first name of his nephew, Quinn. Since radio-listeners already knew him as Jeff Quinn, it was only natural to keep the name when his magic career replaced his radio career.

Jeff has an affinity for skunks. This includes a large collection of skunk figurines, artwork, pictures, and even a mounted skunk in his office. Why? “When I was a kid, I had a pet skunk – de-scented, of course. She was a great pet. Didn’t bark at night, used a litter box, even walked on a leash and did tricks. If it were legal in Nebraska, I’d have another skunk in a heartbeat,” Jeff explained. “I admire their attitude. They go about their own business, not bothering anyone. They go out of their way to avoid conflict. But if you mess with them, guess what? They win.”


Ultimately, this affinity came in handy at a performance. “I was doing an evening county fair show on an outdoor stage. Suddenly, as if on cue, the audience all got up and started backing away from the stage. I had no idea what was going on until they all started pointing at the front of the stage. I walked to the front and looked down to see that a skunk had come by to enjoy the show. Knowing skunks as I do, I knew that I was in no danger, so I stayed on stage until my visitor left. Then I continued my show.”


Jeff is proud to have a beautiful wife, Tammy, two daughters, Amberly and Olivia, a stepson, Keith, and stepdaughter, Stacy, along with two grandsons, Asher and Zander. They are all a little miffed, but not surprised, that skunks got mentioned in this article before they did.
For years, Jeff and Tammy were ships that passed in the night. He mused, “As children, we went to the same corner grocery store and then the same high school, but we never met. We even had mutual friends. Then finally, when we did meet, we lived just six blocks apart!”

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