Conversation with Corsaro:
Magic, Marketing, and More

By Christian Painter

Nov16 coverFor the past several years, I have attended the Fechter’s Finger Flinging Frolic, or as most of us know it, the 4F convention. This convention features some of the best magicians in the world; I love sessioning with these guys late into the night. One year, while gathered at a table and listening to people talk about Vernon, their favorite cull, and a dozen other topics, the conversation moved towards the business of magic. Specifically, we were discussing what marketing efforts have worked best for each person. There was one guy at the end of the table who kept offering interesting and unique concepts for the best way to market yourself as a magician. His ideas were solid and straight to the point. I was impressed. I made a mental note to find out more about this gentleman.

I wanted to talk to him as our group broke up; however, as it goes at a convention, everyone was rushing to the next show. I asked around about him and that is when I first learned about David Corsaro. “He is a marketing executive at some big company in New Jersey,” I was told. Well, that explained why he had such a firm grasp of marketing. Unfortunately, I did not see him for the rest of the convention that year.

The next year at 4F, a bunch of us went out for lunch. As I approached the restaurant table, I saw David sitting at one end. I made it a point to sit next to him. David was easily approachable and friendly. Even though meeting him for the first time, the conversation was like talking with an old friend. During our chat, I interjected, “So David, I hear you’re a marketing expert.” David laughed and was humble with his answer, but it got our conversation started on marketing. He was funny and succinct in his observations and comments. His knowledge and stories about marketing were fascinating. We were having a blast; soon he turned his knowledge to the show Katalina and I run in Indianapolis.

To my surprise, David did not start giving advice. Instead, he started asking questions. “Who is your target market?” “What other entertainment options are available in your area?” “What are your current marketing efforts?” I quickly understood what David was doing. He was not about to give me the usual “off-the-shelf” marketing advice like he was running an infomercial about how to buy real estate with no money down. No, David was making me think about my marketing in a different way and giving me targeted advice and suggestions that were customized to me and what my show needed.

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