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Inside the Outerbridges

By Bruce Kalver

Dec16 cover

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.” — Albert Einstein
How does a ballerina in Germany come to meet an aspiring magician in Canada to become one of the top touring illusion-show duos in North America? How does a departed chicken play into a great publicity extravaganza? What is the inspiration behind creating a show that comes from the heart and is not just a demonstration of cool tricks? This story is not a straight path but rather a windy road of fate and serendipity. Ted and Marion Outerbridge both had a lives of accomplishment of their own. When they met, it was a magical moment in time.


Ted’s Story

The son of Judith, a school teacher, and John, a medical researcher, young Ted was a typical Canadian boy who dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. He hoped to be a goalie when he grew up. Fate stepped in when the family dined in their favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Ted recalls, “It was a Tuesday night. I was seven years old, eating a bowl of spaghetti at the Piazza Tomasso restaurant. A man walked up to the table and pulled an egg out of my ear. His name was Tom Auburn and he was a Montreal celebrity. That was my first experience with magic.”

Ted wanted to know more, so he started reading books about magic from the library. Books like Fun with Magic by Joseph Leeming and Henry Hay’s Cyclopedia of Magic. After taking the same books out of the library many times, the librarian said, “Keep them!” As with most beginners who think they can create on their own, Ted attempted to create his own magic tricks. His aunt, visiting from Bermuda, brought him the Stein and Day Book of Magic; that book opened up a world of possibilities.

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