The Nielsen Gallery: Curtain Call

By Lupe Nielsen

 May17 coverThank you!

This is the last installment of what has been a remarkable project – the Nielsen Gallery for M-U-M: eleven years and four months, featuring a total of 135 posters.

We want to thank M-U-M editors John Moehring (January 2006 – December 2008) and Michael Close (January 2009 - Present) for their expertise during our tenure with the magazine. Various authors contributed to the columns. Richard Hatch started the column with twenty-two articles; Tom Ewing wrote the bulk of the column through the years – ninety-one articles or sixty-eight percent of the output. Tom is a writing and research genius who was able to find and convey all the information with a uniquely engaging style. He even won the Leslie Guest award for the column. Other guest authors contributed to the column: James Alfredson, Mike Caveney, David Charvet, Gunther Dammann, Gabe Fajuri, Ann Marie Fleming, Charles Greene, James Hamilton, Steve Marshall, Martin Pacheco, William V. Rauscher, Jim Steinmeyer, Barry Wiley, and yours truly. Thank you all for making this project possible.

The images are part of the Nielsen Collection, a collection that took nearly twenty-five years to amass. The collection contained two thousand magic posters, half of which were vintage (before 1930), with over 150 unique pieces. The rest were contemporary posters (1930 to the present).

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