Bruce Chadwick

Feb15 cover

It is a remarkable feat to be a magic professional for one’s entire adult life. Such has been the life of Bruce Chadwick.
Bruce began his magic journey as an eight-year-old when his father purchased a few mail-order tricks from the Johnson Smith Company. He was amazed beyond belief when his dad performed the simple Ball and Vase trick. Then, when his dad reached up and plucked a cigarette out of the air with his Cigarette Catcher, Bruce was dumbfounded.

“In the course of a few moments,” says Bruce, “the course of my life was set. I have been faithfully unemployed ever since!”

Conde Ropherman – M-U-M’s Cover Story

201501mum coverIt is nine o’clock in the evening; Dr. Rodríguez bids farewell to his last Thursday evening patient. He takes off his white coat and leaves it on the back of a chair at the meeting table at one end of his office. While he loosens his characteristic bow tie, he once again looks around.
Part of his magic wand collection, which already exceeds a thousand, rests impressively on custom-made wand racks. Display cabinets and bookcases, once filled with books on medicine, now exhibit all types of collectors’ items related to magic. Some patients are perplexed as they contemplate the little museum of magic into which the austere psychiatrist office has been transformed over the years. Others do not even notice all that there is behind the display case glass.

Taylor Martin

 Dec14 cover“India-noplace” and “Naptown” have both been used todescribe Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to city planners and cultural benefactors, Indianapolis is no longer the town in the middle of a cornfield. Visitors have found the city teeming with a variety of arts and entertainment, thanks in part to individuals like Taylor Martin; his life’s goal is to make Indianapolis the Midwest Mecca for magical arts. “Taylor Martin is one of those people whom every city should have,” says Tracy Forner, co-host of Indy Style, a morning show on Channel 8 in Indianapolis.

Interview with Mat Franco

11 cover

You know the kid. You can pick him out in a room full of SYMers. He’s not the one that is there just to learn the secrets. He’s the one who walks around the room taking in all that is offered to him. He asks a lot of real questions and makes you show him a move over and over. When he goes to bed he is the type who is not under the covers with a flashlight reading comic books. Instead, he is reading Houdini biographies or pouring through the latest magic magazine for the umpteenth time absorbing the contents of each page like a sponge. He’s the teen who was always paying late fees for not returning magic books on time to the library. This was Mat Franco.