Magical Moments with the Spanglers

May14 Cover“The whole thing was Alfred’s fault!” Alfred Carlton Gilbert was a magician and inventor who, back in 1909, provided supplies for magic shows. Bruce says that it was that darn picture on Gilbert’s Mysto Magic Set box that changed his life. The picture showed a rabbit in a hat, a ball and vase, colorful hanks, and a young performer magishing a pot of flowers. “As a five year old, I was enthralled! I wanted to be that boy. I wanted to do those tricks – especially the flower trick!” said Bruce. “Had it not been for that Gilbert Mysto Magic Set, I might not have been bitten by the magic bug. Without magic, I might not have been able to afford college, and I might not have met Kitty and spent the last fifty years with her. And without Kitty, there might not be a Magic Moments act, or a magic collection. Yep! It was all Alfred’s fault!”

Christopher Carter - Messes With Your Mind

apr14 coverA few years back, my wife and I were sitting in a hip, stylish theater in Chicago, waiting for the show to begin. The show was produced by and starred Chicago mentalist Christopher Carter. The stage was filled with a sprinkling of interesting props; posters of various mentalists through the ages were hung behind, like a backdrop to the show. Christopher entered the  performing area and orchestrated a fast-paced, multi-phased mind reading revelation that used various people from the audience. At its conclusion, he held the audience in the palm of his hand.

Billy Scadlock – Details!

mar14 coverIt’s early in the morning and a man slips quietly into a back lot make-up trailer to begin his transformation. There are no make-up artists around to help him; he will do this all on his own.

Neil Tobin’s Supernatural Beginning and End

Supernatural Chicago is a live theater show starring Neil Tobin as your Necromancer. With a dark smile and a pleasant voice, he is your expertly dressed facilitator into the chilling, spirit-filled realms of haunted Chicago. Tobin and Supernatural Chicago have received wildly favorable notices over the past decade from such respected sources as the Chicago Tribune, which marveled, “Is it real? Or isn’t it?” RedEye Chicago teased, “He’ll teach you about Chicago’s paranormal history and get you involved in psychic experiments that put Jedi mind tricks to shame.” Time Out Chicago splashed his full-color photo across page four. Newscasters from WGN Morning News exclaimed, “You’re the devil!” Visitors from around the world contributed over a hundred positive reviews to the travel community at, which listed the show among the top ten things to do in Chicago. Neil has also been invited to appear in character on broadcasts by Chicago NPR station WBEZ, Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, Dead Famous on A&E, and on the DVD for the Michael Keaton feature film White Noise.